The Best Way To Grow Peas In Containers

The Best Way To Grow Peas In Containers

Peas Growing in Container

The Best Way To Grow Peas is In Containers. You can use hangers or pots depending on the variety. Peas are not only are good to eat and great to freeze. Furthermore, they attract bees which is very important to the rest of your plans. They also do not take long at all once they get started.

Types of Peas To Grow In Containers

There are two different pea plants I love to grow in the summer. It attracts bees with their beautiful flowers and they look great in hanging planters. When using hanging planters use dwarf varieties. They don’t require any support when in hangers. They grow downwards. For containers, I would recommend the Sugar Snap Pea. The skins are edible whereas English Peas’ relative does not have edible skins.

Planting Your Peas in Containers or Pots

Pea seedlings growing in cups
Credit To Busy Bee at Good Gardener – Seedlings done in stages for regular production

Once planted they take about 65 days before ready for picking. I plant my peas in stages. This way I have an abundance growing every week. I usually gather enough per plant each week to freeze 2 portion baggies in the freezer.

Planting is simple Just fill your container, I would recommend using larger containers like the buckets you can get from home depot. Use tomato cages to give them some climbing poles while growing. Plant 3 -4 Peas per pot when transplanting outdoors. Start your seeds early on in March so you can move them out to larger containers during the May long weekend. They can tolerate some frost. But not extreme tempeture drops.

Caring For Your Peas in Containers or Pots

  • Place your containers in full to partial sun. Keep them away from the intensely hot sun. Make sure they have good airflow between containers
  • Use soil for moisture control. I use Miracle-Gro
  • Water evenly and regularly
  • Support your climbing plants with tomato cages or bamboo stakes.

Common Pests and Diseases

Climbing Peas are more resistant to diseases Crop rotation is necessary to prevent diseases. So use a different container each year. Growing in containers makes it very easy to control any unwanted pests. Plant your peas near Marigolds, Cilantro, Basil, Garlic, and Dill. Plant flowers I use my tomato spray to spray on my plants to eliminate aphids. Check out the GrowVeg Pea Diseases Information to identify any problems.

Pea growing on the pea plant
Credit to AKuptsova – Pixabay

Harvesting Your Peas

For an adequate harvest, I would recommend planting 5-6 containers. This will give you 20-30 plants. I like to freeze the peas whole and some shelling. You can keep the shells as well for later use in a stir fry. Pea soup is another great way to preserve your harvest. However, I only freeze them so I can be using them for soups and other things throughout the wintertime.

Recommended Products for Growing Your Peas

Here are some great finds and things I can recommend to get you started.

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