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Tomato, (Solanum Lycopersicum)

Tomato is an edible Fruit although a lot of us disagree and still label them as a vegetable. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C and the phytochemical Lycopene is responsible for the red color. Lycopene is rich in carotenes, the yellow coloring matter, both having the same molecular formula.

Tomatoes can fall into two categories:

Determinate Tomatoes
Are Bush Tomatoes they are bred to stop growing around 3-4 feet tall. These types of tomatoes are great for canning. They are also ideal for small spaces and containers.

Indeterminate Tomatoes
They can grow into one big bush like those in my pictures. Depending on the variety they can grow anywhere from 6 -20 feet tall. This type of tomato you can grow right up until November here in Ontario. Most heirlooms are indeterminate plants.

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Successful Backyard Gardening in Sun and Shade

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