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Kale-Brassica oleracea

Kale is from the mustard family or Brassicaceae families like cabbage and Brussel sprouts. It can help manage blood pressure, digestive health and protect against cancer or diabetes. Kale is full of nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, calcium, Vitamin C, and K.
Kale originated in the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. First cultivated for food by 2000BCE
Russian Kale was introduced to Canada and the USA during the 19th Century. Most of what we enjoy today.

Kale can thrive throughout our Canadian winters as well. It would take the temperature to drop to -15 Before our kale would be affected.

Types of Kale

Curry Leaf
Red Russian
Tuscan Kale
Sea Kale called Crambe Maritima
My Grandfather told me that in Northern Germany there is a winter tradition called Kohlfahrt (Kale Trip) a tradition where people would hike through the woods during the day before gathering at an inn where Kale is served with bacon or Kohlwurst (known as Kale Sausage) it is considered a Northern German Comfort food. Although he didn’t grow or eat Kale he still told me the story!

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