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Spinach- Spinacia oleracea

Native to central and western Asia. It is an annual plant that grows all season long if cared for right. Did you know that in 2018 the world produced 26.3 million tonnes of spinach to consume? 90% of those stats were in China.
Spinach originated from Ancient Persia and was later introduced to India and China some 2000 years ago.

My Grandfather used to tell me that during World War 1 wine fortified with spinach juice was given to the injured French Soldiers with the intent to stop their bleeding.


Nutrition-wise Raw spinach is 91% water. 4% Carbs, and 3% Protein. It is a very rich source of Vitamin A, C, K, Magnesium, iron, and folate. Oh and Yes Fiber! When consumed raw it contains high levels of oxalates which can block the absorption of calcium and iron in your small intestine and stomach.

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