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Bulb Onions- Allium cepa

Traces of origins go back as far as 5000BC.

Did you know Canada Onion was well known as the wild onion also called Allium canadense? Its origin is not known.

Some common types you may be familiar with are:
Yellow or Brown Onions
White Onions
Red and Purple Onions
Green Onions
Some people are allergic to onions. They usually only occur with raw onions.

Fun Fact

What makes your eyes water?

The tears we shed are caused by the release of a volatile liquid called syn-propanediol-S-oxide and its aerosol which stimulates the nerves in the eyes. The gas produced by the onions is their defense mechanism. When the mixed gasses hit the air, our eyes start to water. I have tried running my onion under cold water and also by breathing just with my mouth or chewing gum. It never works for me and I can see why now! Maybe I will invest in some safety goggles when pickling my onions.

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