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Sage-Salvia officinalis

Sage is excellent to grow in pots and containers and looks so beautiful as it grows. Native to the Mediterranean region. It is grown all over the world. There are also many different varieties. It has a very long history in medicinal and culinary usage. Dated back to 1753 grown in the old war for its healing properties. It has had 6 different names since 1940 alone.
Known for warding off evil and, snake bites, and women’s fertility. Sage also has had positive effects on human brain function improving attention and memory in extracts.

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Successful Backyard Gardening in Sun and Shade

Successful Backyard Gardening in Sun and Shade. Have you ever wondered if your plants are getting enough sun or shade while growing? I have decided to make things a bit simpler for you. Some plants do better in shade, partial sun, or full sun. So...