Sfee 10 Pack Seed Starter Tray 100 Cell Peat Pots Kits

Sfee 10 Pack Seed Starter Tray 100 Cell Peat Pots Kits

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  • Biodegradable Compostable
  • Great Permeability: Sfee seed starter trays are made of high quality and recyclable waste paper, reeds and straw without causing pollution to the environment and biodegradable. It has great performance on drainage and permeability and also taking into account the circulation of water and air that effectively improve the ecological environment around the roots of the seedlings. Perfect for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable saplings like tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Biodegradable: Seedling starter trays, By becoming one with the root ball and promoting aeration, these starter peat pots are great for transplanting plants without causing root circulation or harm. They add to your garden soil, helping to keep moisture around the roots of your plant. The roots are never disturbed, and your plant stays strong and vigorous! Our seedling trays provide a convenient way for starting seeds and seedlings.
  • Easy To Use: Pack of 10 peat trays, each tray has 10 cells. Also comes with 10 pcs plastic plant labels, you can use them to mark the seeds in your peat pots. Simply place your seeds into the seedling transplant tray. These seedling trays come apart easily and can be cut into individual peat pots using a pair of scissors. Once the seeds sprout, just transplant the whole trays directly into the ground or larger plant pots. These will break down in the soil in the end, environmentally friendly.
  • Wide Application: Peat pots kits are very suitable for planting in all seasons, you can plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables, such as lavender, tomatoes, watermelon, lettuce, cilantro, watermelon, clover, strawberry, catnip, tomato, and so on. After the plants germinate, they can be used as home decoration green plants to make the home look more natural and the air fresher; or you own a nursery and just need a cost-effective seed germination container.
  • Healthy Growth & Without Transplant: Well-ventilated and water saving. Watering appropriately, because the peat pots can automatically absorb moisture from the air or quickly absorb water in the soil. Seedling trays will gradually soften that not necessary to dig the seedlings or potting soil out of plant starter manually, thus greatly improving the survival of the seedlings.


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