The Best Way To Grow Thyme In Containers

The Best Way To Grow Thyme In Containers

Thyme growing in planter

Thyme grows great in containers and can be kept all year round in pots.

The Best Way To Grow Thyme In Containers varies and there are so many varieties to choose from. I narrowed my thyme down to two types every year. I usually plant Lemon Thyme, and French or English Thyme. Although Caraway Thyme is very nice too.

What is Thyme Used For

Thyme adds yummy flavors to soups, potatoes, beans, meats, tomatoes and eggs. You can also eat the flowers when Thyme blooms. To avoid flowering just snip the flowers off when they grow. I would suggest leaving the flowers on because it helps draws bees to your garden. Thyme grows very easily in containers or any pots.

Thyme plant with green and white leaves
Credit for picture Deluna on Pixabay

Planting and Growing Thyme in Containers


  • Start your plants indoors it is a very slow and uneven germination. I would suggest buying seedlings to start. If you are going to start with seeds start 10-12 weeks before the last frost and putting outdoors. You can easily propagate this herb. See Your Local Frost Dates
  • Plants should be 6-12″ in height before moving your container outdoors.
  • Use Companion Gardening with Thyme, It is great to plant with Rosemary and loves sunny conditions. Thyme is a great companion plant for cabbage or tomatoes as well.
  • Space your plants 6″ apart in larger containers.


  • Only water when the soil has dried up completely
  • Prune the thyme plants back throughout the spring and summer
  • When the plants become 3-4 years old you should divide them or replace them as the flavor will die out and taste not as flavorful.

Pests and Diseases of Thyme Plants

The two main problems growing Thyme that you can run into is Root Rot and Gray Mold. Although you can treat root rot if caught early on. Replant your thyme plant and clip off any brown roots that rotten. Replant with fresh soil and it should bounce back. I would suggest using a moisture control soil. As for Gray Mold you need to get rid of your plants or it can effect your whole garden. It enters into your plants through wounds or plants that are under stress in humid conditions.

Over grown thyme plant in container starting to flower
Different types of thyme flowering – Credit to Good Gardener and Busy Bee

Harvesting Your Thyme Plant

Thyme is best harvested before blooming. Cut the stems just before any growth node. Harvesting early morning is the best time to do so. You can dry thyme in a dehydrator, oven, or air dry. I usually remove the leaves from the stems and dry them in the oven at 170 degrees F for 2 hours. Because they are small leaves you can leave them on the stem and remove them afterward.

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