The Best Way To Grow Parsley In Containers

The Best Way To Grow Parsley In Containers

Parsley plant

The Best Way To Grow Parsley In Containers can be tricky. Depending on what type of Parsley your growing. There are two types of parsley, leaf parsley or root parsley. Let’s go over one of the two different types.

Grow Leaf Parsley In Containers

Parsley harvested in a bunch

Parsley is from the dill family and great for garnishes, sauces, and soups. It is rich in Vitamins A and C. Because it is high in iron, pregnant women should use it sparingly.

Varieties of Leaf Parsley

Curly leaf parsley adds a fancier type of garnish. Whereas Flat leaf types of parsley are used more for cooking because they have a stronger flavor.

Growing Your Parsley in Containers or Pots

  • Start your seeds 10 – 12 weeks before the last frost. Soak your seeds overnight before planting for faster germination. They are a slow starter plant.
  • Your seeds should be 6 – 8 ” apart and 1/4″ deep.
  • Plant your parsley near or with asparagus, corn, and tomatoes.
  • Water the seeds often so they do not dry out.
  • Keep them evenly watered throughout the summer.
curled parsley and sweet basil in small pots

Pests and Diseases

Swallow tail caterpillar on Parsley plant
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They are prone to getting stem rot, leaf spots and can be devoured by black swallowtail larvae, carrot fly, and celery fly larvae. So keep parsley away from celery and carrots. The larvae will feed off your plant until they turn into flies and butterflies.

Remember that the Swallowtail Butterfly is an important pollinator it is just unfortunate they need plants like parsley to keep their larva alive. Plant some extra to help those pollinators.

Butterfly on red flowers
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Harvesting Your Parsley and Storage

You will know when it is time to harvest your parsley when the leaf stems have three segments to them. Leave the inner portions of the plant to mature before clipping.

You can store fresh parsley by keeping the stems in a container of water in the fridge or you can dry your parsley in the oven, air dry, or with a dehydrator. Once your parsley starts to flower and seed it will start to die off.

Here are some recommendations for getting started

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