Secrets to Growing Lemon Trees from Seed in a Pot

Secrets to Growing Lemon Trees from Seed in a Pot

Lemon trees in pots

Learn to grow a Lemon tree using a seed from an organic Lemon

Secrets to growing lemon trees from seed in a pot is the soil and conditions. I love having lemons on hand and what better way but to plant them in a container. I move mine inside during the winter and leave them outside all summer here in Ontario. Although it does take two years to produce fruits when you plant them from seeds.

Using A Seed From A Lemon To Plant in your pot

I used a seed from an organic lemon out of my fridge. If you use non-organic the seeds will be non-germinating. I never dried the seed off and placed the seed into a pot around 24″ wide and 12″ deep immediately. Cover the top of the pot with some plastic wrap and elastic and poke holes to allow airflow. Keep the pots in a sunny place. Keep the soil moist and do not let it dry out.

I used Miracle-Gro, All-purpose to get the seed to germinate and sprout. Some experts will argue that doing it this way can cause the seed to rot. I guess I am just lucky. Mine didn’t rot out.

Lemon tree growing on back patio in large container
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Caring For Your Lemon Tree

I used some garden soil mixed with some Miracle-Gro soil. Although, I also made sure it had food. I use the ones that you can place in the soil and it just eats as it needs to. Replacing them every 6 months. Mine is still young and growing but this year I should be able to update the post on how many lemons I got. Here is a picture of my lemon tree on the back porch in partial to full sun. Here is another great video to better ensure your seeds do not rot out before they grow.

Lemon tree between a basil and poinsettia plant
The lemon Tree is the one in the middle of the Basil and my Poinsettia- credit to

Pests and Diseases

They are prone to get Aphids, Spider Mites, Fungal leaf spots, Fruit flies. Even the Tristeza Virus caused by aphids. I have never had issues, since I keep the lemon tree beside my basil and other strong herbs and flowers to repel aphids.

Secrets to growing lemon trees from seed in a pot

  • First Secret is to use seeds from an organic lemon NOT a non-organic one
  • Although my way did work I recommend letting the seeds sprout by peeling back the skins gently on the seed. Place in a paper towel in the sun but keep the paper towel very wet so the seeds do not dry out. By doing this there is less chance the seed will rot before sprouting.
  • Keep your soil moist but not soggy.
  • Bring them indoors during the cooler weather and they do need full sun.
  • Use a good fertilizer stick I will suggest what I use in the supplies needed below.
  • Do not pick early. They will not ripen off the vine.
Lemon flower on a lemon plant  blooming
When your lemon tree first flowers

Items I can suggest to keep your Lemon Tree Healthy

I use these for my lemon tree. It is the best way I have found to keep the leaves a healthy deep green color and it keeps thriving with this. So I would recommend getting these.

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