The Best Way To Grow Kale In Containers

The Best Way To Grow Kale In Containers


Learn the best way to grow Kale in Containers or Pots

The Best Way To Grow Kale In Containers is using either a pot or planter. They also can grow into the winter season here in Ontario before the temperatures drop below -10 Celsius. There are many different varieties of Kale to grow. It is a great addition to any container garden. Furthermore, it is easy to freeze and preserve all year round.

Varieties of The Kale Plant

  • Common Curly Kale- most of these kinds are what you buy in the grocery stores. It is brilliant green and has some curl to the leaves.
  • Redbor Kale- this kale is deep in purple colors. It can also grow up to 5 feet tall.
  • Scotch Kale – It has a blue-green color and grows only about 2 feet tall.
  • Flat Leaf Kale- Just like the name the leaves are flat. Italian Kale is a good example. Some common names are Russian, Siberian, Lacinato Kale types.
  • Portuguese Kale- which is very prominent in the Portuguese Cuisine called Caldo Verde.
Kale seedlings growing in a tray
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How to Plant Kale In Containers or Pots

You can plant the seeds directedly into containers of your size. I suggest using a medium size container. You want to keep harvesting so that it will continue to grow. I leave mine in the soil and grow all year round. Plant your seeds about 1/4″ deep and 2-5″ apart per container. Kale plants like slightly acidic soil. Add some coffee grounds into your soil to add more nitrogen. The Kale plant loves soil with nitrogen. Space them far enough apart that you can allow for air circulation.

Kale growing in a container on balcony with thyme and marigolds
Credit busy bee from good gardener

Caring For Your Kale Plants

Organic matter is crucial if you’re not using soil that is premixed like Miracle-Gro. Water your seedlings regularly to keep the soil moist but not soaked. This will keep your leaves very crisp so they can retain some moisture. Keep the plant warm, if they grow in cooler weather they may develop a slightly bitter taste.

Common Pests and Diseases of the Kale Plant

Use the Kale Identification Chart to determine what is happening with your Kale plant if you notice any changes. Some common problems are:

  • Brassica Black Root
  • Downy Mildew
  • Brassica Alternaria Leaf Spot

The Best Way To Harvest Kale In Containers

It is best to wait about 2 months from planting to start harvesting some leaves. It can be much sweeter after the first frost. Once you have harvested your leaves you can either store them in the refrigerator wrapped in paper towel.

Or you can do what I like to do. I will blanch the leaves for about 2-3 minutes. Put the blanched leaves into a cold water bath immediately. Strain and dry the leaves. You can then place them in freezer bags for later use. Blanching the leaves will preserve that deep green color and kill anything that is left on the leaves. (Make sure you soak the leaves and clean them to ensure there is no larvae or bugs on the leaves)

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