The Best Way To Grow Oregano In Containers

The Best Way To Grow Oregano In Containers

Oregano plant in containers

All about planting Oregano in pots or containers

The Best Way To Grow Oregano In Containers is with smaller pots. This is one staple in our pantry I always have on hand. This culinary herb, also known as wild marjoram is one of my favorites. There are many varieties to grow, however all of them can be quite beneficial to your container garden.

Types of Oregano To Grow In Containers or Pots

Oregano plant
Common Oregano Credit: leoleobobeo Pixabay

Varieties of Oregano

Other than the common(Marjoram) one above include:

  • Golden Oregano
  • Syrian Oregano
  • Marjoram
  • Greek Oregano
  • Italian Oregano
  • Cuban Oregano
  • Mexican Oregano
  • Ornamental Oregano like Hop flower Oregano, Kent Beauty, and Pilgrim

Planting Oregano In Containers or Pots

When planting Oregano in containers or pots. First, make sure the soil has a PH level of 6.5 -7.0. Plant your seeds in trays with only a few seeds per space. Although, I use smaller cups like I do and plant a few seeds in each. Cover with 1/8 of good soil like Miracle-Gro moisture control. I used about a 10″ pot for my oregano once I transplant them to be outdoors. Or I place them in with companion plants for optimal bug and pest control.

A great reference I found on mixing your own soils is a great resource if you are an intermediate Gardner. I have also added them in my recipe section for printable resources.

Caring For You Oregano

  • Trim or pinch off the leaves to encourage a bushier plant. They like to grow about 6″ tall.
  • Oregano does not need to be watered regularly. You can wait for them to look dry and than water. They do not like soggy soil.
  • Get the moisture control soil mix from Miracle-Gro and use a container that can drain the water out quickly.
  • Switch out your plants every few years as they start to lose their flavor.
dried oregano in a pile
credit to aries66

Diseases and Pest of the Oregano

Oregano is another fairly resistant plant. Although they can be prone to spider mites or aphids. It is a good idea to plant marigolds or basil, chives rosemary and all vegetables love to grow with Oregano. They can help keep other pests away like mosquitoes an flies.

Harvesting Your Oregano

It is recommended to harvest the leaves as you need them. Most flavor will come from them just before they start to flower. It is a good time to start harvesting your plant for optimal flavor. Usually around 80 -90 days the flavor will be at its peak.

You can either dry the leaves or freeze them. Using an ice cube tray and some water or you can dry them at 170 degrees F in the oven for about 2 hours if you don’t have a dehydrator. Air drying is another option.

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